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Is Natalie Portman Entering the Snow White War?

You already know about the Snow White fight happening between Julia Roberts and Kristen Stewart and the truly ridiculous race to be the first version of the fairy tale to hit the big screen.

But there’s a third contender to be the fairest of them all.

And while it won’t land in theatres in time to battle at the box office, Disney will roll out yet another version of the classic tale. And while The Brother’s Grimm: Snow White has the dopey dwarves you’d expect and Snow White and the Huntsman has K.Stew kicking ass, Snow White and the Seven (as it’s titled) has…Chinese warriors?

And supposedly Oscar winner Natalie Portman as Snow, herself. So should Nat be brushing up on her martial arts?

Nope—which is probably a good thing since she’s got a baby on board.

Nat was linked to the project when it was first developed forever ago (at least by Hollywood terms) and Disney even used her liking as a model for their pre-production artwork. But the mama-to-be won’t be heading to China anytime soon.

“It’s very unlikely Natalie will do the project,” a source tied close to the Mouse House dishes. “She was the No. 1 pick at one time, but they’re looking elsewhere for their Snow White now. They haven’t narrowed it down to anyone specific though.”

Must fess, Nat would have given even Kris a serious run for her mirror, mirror on the wall money. She doesn’t have a little gold man sitting on her mantle for nothing, after all.

So could this be the big break Lea Michele is looking for?

Here’s the deal with the newest edition to the Snow White family—make sure you keep ’em straight—this Snow is a 23-year-old British babe who grew up in China. Her dad dies and step-mom goes all wicked witch on her.

And that’s where the warriors come in. Instead of dwarves, Snow teams up with seven seriously dangerous dudes to get her revenge.

“It’s sort of like Lord of the Rings,” our source spills on the script. “It’s got an epic feel but there are moments of humor—Pirates of the Caribbean-like jokes. It’s a cross between the two. It will be totally different than either of the other projects.”

Speaking of the other two, we got our hands on the scripts and will be giving you the goods on which is better later this week. But in the meantime, which actress do you want to see get her kung fu on in Snow and the Seven?




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