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Is Robert Pattinson Turning His Back on Team Edward?

We know you Twi-hards wish the series could go on forever, but Robert Pattinson certainly hasn’t been shy in admitting he is so over Twilight

While we understand how Rob is a bit tired of transforming himself into his vampire persona, we never expected Rob to even think about joining Team Jacob. 

So why is our favorite vampire hunk dabbling in the dark side? And has Rob traded in his vampire fangs for some werewolf claws?


Rob’s newest character in Water for Elephants is named Jacob, and he admits he never realized the coincidence until filming wrapped:

“Literally, I’m such an idiot. I only realized that when I was promoting it. I’d never even thought about it because he’s called Jacob Jankowski, and it was a bit of a different realm for me, but everyone’s like, ‘But you play Jacob…are you two-timing yourself?’ That doesn’t even make sense,” Rob dished to us at the Breaking Dawn premiere in New York City Sunday night.

What a typical move for our favorite laid-back dude, and leave it to Rob to approach the Twi-scandal with such a no-fuss attitude.

Still, we couldn’t resist but wonder if Rob would ever really turn his back on Team Edward, but R.Pattz settled our fears on that one as well:

“Hopefully not, that would be crazy.”

Team Edward, breathe a sign of relief. But Team Robsten beware. Reese Witherspoon also revealed over the weekend that her sex scenes with Rob in Water for Elephants “generated electricity.”

Luckily, adorable Robsten photos from the WFE premiere proved Rob is very much in love with his Bella Swan and Reese is just a friendly costar.

Even though it’s all for the big screen, a romp with R.Pattz would make any girl forget Jacob even existed.

So, Reese, which team are you on?




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