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“Who Is Jack The Ripper” Mystery Has Finally Been Answered

"Who Is Jack The Ripper" Mystery Has Finally Been Answered 1

Jack the Ripper, the infamous moniker of the murderer who walked the streets in 19th century London.

Ritually known for murdering prostitutes and leaving them in the streets and leaving them in grisly states, the police had never caught him nor had any clue to who he really was. Until a recent find, a blood-stained shawl taken from one of those crime scenes has unmasked him.

Russell Edwards, a “Jack” enthusiast, was determined to find the identity of the Jack The Ripper persona had purchased the shawl in 2007  at an auction. Said shawl was reportedly stolen from the murder scene of the Ripper’s 4th victim, Catherine Eddowes, on September 30, 1888.

jack-ripper Using DNA evidence taken from the shawl and matching it with his descendants Edwards has proven one Aaron Kosminski as the infamous killer. Edwards has gone into authoring a book,”Naming Jack the Ripper”, that describes the three and a half year venture that led to his findings that unequivocally pointed  Kosminski as the killer. That Kosminski was one of the six key suspects was only further proof though police at the time did not have enough evidence for a trial.

Jack the Ripper is believed to have killed between five and 11 women in the Whitechapel area which began in 1888.

Kosminski was born in Klodawa in central Poland on September 11, 1865. His family fled the imperial Russian anti-Jewish pogroms and emigrated to east London in the early 1880s. He lived close to the murder scenes.

Watch the video below to see the process Edwards took to verifying the shawl that solved the mystery and some details on Kominski’s life. Make sure to comment what you think about this crime that took 126 years to solve.

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