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Jake Gyllenhaal Remarks On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ On Classic Roles He Never Made Past Auditions For

Jake Gyllenhaal Remarks On 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' On Classic Roles He Never Made Past Auditions For

If you ever wondered why it took so long for Jake Gyllenhaal’s star to rise out of the ashes of October Sky and Bubble Boy, it was apparently because he was once terrible at auditions. According to him, there are apparently many classic films he auditioned for and never got another chance at. This includes Lord Of The Rings, which featured an audition terrible enough for Peter Jackson to call him the worst actor he has ever seen — if you believe late-night interviews.

Gyllenhaal talks a bit about his terrible performance, including his lack of an English accent for his role as Frodo. Everybody was apparently speaking in an English accent for the film, but Gyllenhaal didn’t get the memo. Too bad because his feet are apparently very hairy.

He also seemed to audition for a role in Dude, Where’s My Car and failed there too, thanks to a poor lisp. Luckily he seems to have it down these days, including the British accent for all those Prince of Persia fans out there.

Later he helped Fallon bring back the Point Pleasant Police for another round of spitting food at each other. Bill Hader was the last guest to take part, outshining Alec Baldwin from an appearance in the Late Night days. The good part is that Gyllenhaal doesn’t really attempt to keep with the sketch’s premise and eventually just starts spitting food in Fallon’s face while saying numerous “p” words.



By: Andrew Roberts

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