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James Cameron Teases New “Avatar” Plot Points and Release Dates

James Cameron Teases New "Avatar" Plot Points and Release Dates

It has been over five years since James Cameron released “Avatar,” the highest-grossing film of all time. Since then many are looking forward to “Avatar 2” and the rest of the “Avatar” sequels. Reports have it that James Cameron is planning to release all four sequels within a four-year time span.

According to TV3, James Cameron has a better plan for the “Avatar” sequel. Initially, “Avatar 2” is slated for a December 2018, “Avatar 3” in 2020, “Avatar 4” in 2022 and “Avatar 5” in 2023.

Yes, it will take another seven years before we can finally witness the closure of the Omaticaya clan’s struggle. However, James Cameron wants to treat fans by releasing all the “Avatar” sequels a year apart. That is four years starting 2018, so by 2021 we will witness the last “Avatar” film.

The “Avatar” director announced that they have improved with the computer-generated-imagery (CGI) animation and things are more efficient now. We really hope that there will be no more delays for “Avatar 2” and that James Cameron will push hard on the back-to-back release.

Meanwhile, Stephen Lang also speaks about the progress of “Avatar 2.” According to the versatile actor, he has done over 75 percent of his part in the epic saga. He also added that the production is getting there and that they will start filming early next year.

Stephan Lang also explained that filming next year doesn’t mean that “Avatar 2” and the rest of the films are not progressing. The other crews have been working for the production designs, various worlds, creatures and environments.

Meanwhile, The Parent Herald reported that “Avatar 2” will focus on Stephen Lang’s character, Col. Miles Quaritch. Viewers thought that the characters died in the first film but to many’s surprises we will see more of Quaritch. The character has gained a number of fans and many would agree that his involvement in the “Avatar” sequels will make the film more exciting.

“Avatar 2” will hit the big screens in December 2018.



By Gregory Martin

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