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James Corden Roped In The Thor: Ragnarok Cast To Do A Live Performance Of The Film

Thor in 4d - James Corden

We’ve seen a lot of promotional build for Thor: Ragnarok up to this point, but James Corden and The Late Late Show might’ve saved the best for the very last moment. With the film hitting theaters to close out the week, Corden decides it is time to introduce his new idea and hijack a showing of the film so he can add a 4D element. This brings out the entire cast of Thor: Ragnarok, including Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeff Goldblum. They all do battle with Cate Blanchett, moving through a general retelling of the film with costumes and stage production that would put any high school play to shame.

Blanchett doesn’t want to be there, at least on the surface, but her reluctance is countered by Jeff Golblum and Chris Hemsworth absolutely loving the entire experience. Hemsworth especially seems to be a little dense about the entire thing and pleased to just be working. Hiddleston is a wizard with his wig and helmet skills, but the best performances belong to Goldblum and Ruffalo. The man behind The Hulk is a professional and doesn’t need anybody setting him off to get him in the mood to play a giant green anger beast, while Goldblum is just himself. He doesn’t need to too much at all.

Would we want to see a live traveling stage show for Thor: Ragnarok? No way. The disaster of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is still fresh around these parts and the horror it inflicted on the Spider-Men of this planet. We don’t want the same to happen to Chris Hemsworth and the folks from Thor. One wrong flick with a foam sword or a poor toss with a stuffed dog and it’ll be injury city for everybody involved.

Also hopefully those people actually got to watch the movie either before or after this was finished. If the were just asked to leave when this was done, it might leave the audience feeling a little sour.




By Andrew Roberts

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