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James Van Der Beek on Turning Down DWTS and Whether He’s “Allowed” to See Katie Holmes

“Are you allowed to see Katie  Holmes?”

Yep. You heard it. That was the question a reporter threw at James Van der Beek, star of the new ABC series Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, when the cast met with TV  critics today at the network’s winter press tour.

The Beek also told us after the panel he was offered a spot on Dancing  with the Stars. So why didn’t he slip into some sparkly hotpants and go for  it?

“I was too busy working,” James says of turning down DWTS. “It looks  like fun, but it’s just a huge time commitment.” Still, all is not lost because  James gets to do Dancing with the Stars on his new comedy Apartment  23, in which he plays himself. “I think I’m allowed to say that within [the  show], I won Dancing With the Stars…The way I do it [on the show]is  kind of obsessiveand  just very extreme. And that is even more fun. I had four   months to learn my dance as opposed to four weeks.”

Van Der Beek just laughed and shrugged in response to the Katie Q (“Are you  allowed to see Katie Holmes?”), but Apartment 23 creator Nahnatchka Kahn joked, “Yes [James is], but no one else is.  She’s going to be guest starring on our show in a black shroud.” Zinga!

As for whether he keeps in touch with all of the core Dawson’s cast,  James says, “It’s like somebody you went to high school with. As the years go   on, it gets longer and longer but you always have that shared  experience.”

Apartment 23 is one of the most promising new comedies  this  season  (one of our faves), in part because James is not afraid to  go  there when it  comes to making fun of himself.

James jokes he decided it was OK to start poking fun at himself  “when  the residuals stopped coming  in…I had to audition against four James Van Der  Beeks for this role!” He adds, “I tell them to go for whatever is funniest and  don’t worry  about offending me.”

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 is coming midseason on  ABC.






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