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Jamie Dornan Shares That He Once Stalked A Woman To Prepare His Role In ‘The Fall’

Jamie Dornan Shares That He Once Stalked A Woman To Prepare His Role In 'The Fall'

Jamie Dornan took getting into character to a whole new – and incredibly creepy – level.

The Irish actor, 32, admits he took part in some questionable activities to prep for his gig as serial killer Paul Spector in the crime drama The Fall, which airs on Netflix in the U.S.

“I did do a couple of things to try to get inside [his mind],” Dornan told the Los Angeles Times on Monday regarding researching his role.

He then recalled a particularly stalkerish situation on the London Underground.

“Can we get arrested for this? Hold on … this is a really bad reveal,” he questioned before continuing with the anecdote. “I, like, followed a woman off the train one day to see what it felt like to pursue someone like that.”

Dornan explained that he kept some distance between himself and the stranger, skulking behind the woman for just a few blocks.

“It felt kind of exciting, in a really sort of dirty way,” he told the Times.

Although he admitted the experiment was not his proudest moment, Dornan said it did help him explore his character, a husband and father who has a fetish for tying up and murdering women.

“I’m sort of not proud of myself. But I do honestly think I learned something from it, because I’ve obviously never done any of that,” he said. “It was intriguing and interesting to enter that process of ‘What are you following her for?’ and ‘What are you trying to find out?’ ”

But the actor isn’t a stranger to complicated characters – or going the extra mile to understand them. (Remember his sex dungeon visit?)

Perhaps best known for his portrayal of the BDSM-obsessed Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of E L James’s erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, Dornan wonders why he is such a good fit for dark roles.

“I consider myself quite lighthearted, pretty easygoing, and I keep playing sick psychopath bastards!” he recently told The Guardian. “It kinda worries me sometimes how comfortable I am in that zone,” he said.





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