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Jarina De Marco Releases Video For Knockout: A Strip Club Brawl With A Feminist Twist, Based On A True Story

‘Knockout’ is featured on De Marco’s recent EP ‘Malcriada’

Knockout- Jarina De Marco“Knock Out,” a reggae-tinged song that swerves into a wild free anthem of boundaries, is a telltale sign of how a broker’s powers are whittled away in a New York strip club after his demeaning comments toward a stripper” – Billboard

Jarina De Marco’s fierce ode to boundaries and newest song, Knockout, gets a visual companion today with a video that will leave you grasping your seat. Filmed in the legendary Central American drag bar, Los Candiles, the video recounts the details of something that actually happened to her in New York. It happened like this- De Marco went to go meet up with a friend in New York (Gustavo) at the infamous strip club, Scores. It was her first time going to a strip club. “My friend, to my surprise had become a Wall Street broker and was there with his boss and broker friends. Picture pink polos, popped collars, nostrils crusted in white powder, loosened ties, fancy watches and enough aggro coke energy to fuel a small country,” says De Marco. In the middle of her conversation with a stripper, De Marco hears her friend’s boss yell across the room, “HEY FUCK STICK, COME HERE.” (directed at the stripper).

Jarina was not having it. “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?!” she yells. “I’m not talking to you, sweetheart,” says Gustavo’s boss.  In a cocaine-fueled stupor, Gustavo’s boss proceeds to take Jarina’s boyfriend’s drink, chug it, and slam it on the table, breaking the glass. He apologizes, attempts to shake Jarina’s boyfriend’s hand- but it was too late. “That’s when all bro-hell breaks loose,” remarks Jarina, “I’m talking spaghetti western balls to the wall mayhem. The bouncers rushed the table, my chair toppled over, I fell back and one of my shoes flew off, landing on the stage. Everyone was fighting.” Crawling on the floor in an attempt to rescue her shoe, she was hoisted onto the stage by a gaggle of beautiful strippers who notice her foot was bleeding and immediately tend to it. The fight dies down and ends with a bottle of champagne as a thank you for defending the strippers.

The video, directed by Myrna Perez, plays on this story, giving the strippers reign over the situation in the most badass way possible. The video’s cast includes Jarina De Marco, Empress Of, LA choreographer Genna Maroni, Local LA strippers, members of queer and brown House of Flamboyance, LA artist Elena Flores of XXT and local drag performer extraordinaire Die Anna. Knockout was written in New York by Jarina and her long-time writing partner Cara Salimando (Kesha, Dua Lipa, Pussy Riot) and produced by Josh Grant. Knockout can be found on Jarina De Marco’s recently-released EP Malcriada.

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