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Jason Derulo keeps the party going in ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’

Jason Derulo doesn’t want to go home and who could blame him? In the video for “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” he’s surrounded by scantily-clad, long-legged beauties and it’s clear that even though they party has already started, it has a long way to go.
The track, the first from Derulo’s upcoming album, “Future History,” bowed on the Hot 100 this week and seems like a natural to become a summer smash. Interestingly,  he sings Harry Belafonte ’s “Day-O (Banana Boat Song),” making it the second time in recent months the Calypso classic has been used as the basis for a pop hit.  Lil Wayne’s “Six Foot Seven Foot” featuring Corey Gunz.

Derulo seems eager to become the new Chris Brown as he shows off some crazy mad dancing skills in the clip. He and his lovelies continue their party in a warehouse that has a full bar, but, oddly, must have no roof since everyone gets showered on mid-song. As far as plot, there is none, other than making us jealous that our invite got lost in the mail.



By Melinda Newman



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