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Jencarlos Canela Gets Into The Guinness Record Books

If you recall, this year’s Calle Ocho festival made quite a bit of headlines. One of the most important ones involved a Guinness Record for the world’s biggest flag. Well execs from the company have now officially put it in the books and they brought Ocho’s 2012 “King,” Jencarlos Canela, out to accept the honor.

Canela was clearly thrilled to be a part of the process. And he had more to do with the record than just headlining the event. Jencarlos worked closely with the International Rescue Committee to create the “One World” flag, which represented nations from across the globe.

Taking the “One World” theme even further, Canela brought the Guinness certificate to the United Nations this week as a sign of international unity.

“It was the dream of my mother and father to earn a Guinness record,” he told People en Español. “And it took many years, [but we earned it] promoting unity and equality.”

And with the success he’s been having with his singing career, we’re certain Jencarlos will be breaking Guinness music records in the years to come.



By Michael Lopez

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