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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: ‘Lovey-Dovey’ on the Set of Lifetime Movie

Jennifer Aniston says her directing debut was “a challenge,” but she was able to turn to her beau Justin Theroux for moral support on the set of the Lifetime movie Five.

Though Theroux shied away from walking the red carpet at Skylight Studios with Aniston Monday night at the New York premiere ofFive – a collection of five short films about breast cancer by female directors including Aniston,Demi Moore and Alicia Keys – he spent a lot of time hanging around the set of the movie, according to Penelope Spheeris, one of Aniston’s co-directors.

Spheeris, who also directedWayne’s World, said the couple were “lovey-dovey” on set – though she still didn’t know who Theroux was until they were officially introduced.

“She introduced [Justin] to me and I’m like, ‘Who?’,” Spheeris recalled. “Someone was like, ‘That was her boyfriend!’ ”

Walking the red carpet after Theroux went straight into the event space Monday night, Aniston, 41, was asked what she loved most about her life now.

Her answer? “Everything!”

Despite its difficulties, Aniston said directing was a wonderful experience nonetheless.

“There’s not one thing I didn’t love about it,” she told reporters.

At the afterparty, where Aniston chatted and took photos with fans, Theroux, 40, brought her a drink before the pair left together through a back door, stopping for a fan’s cell phone snapshot on their way out, according to an onlooker.






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