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Jennifer Lawrence Sounds Off on Paparazzi: “It’s Disgusting!” But…

If you haven’t heard by now, Hunger Games is ah-maz-ing (don’t fret, there’s only a couple more days until you can see it too). And this week we’ve got tons of good scoop straight from the stars of the flick.

Starting with Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss—a future chick who must fight to the death in a reality TV-like death match. And it seems J.Law has feelings similar to Ms. Everdeen when it comes to our reality-crazed culture, especially about all those pesky paparazzi:

“It’s kind of the same about paparazzi and tabloids,” Jennifer said of the film’s reality show bashing during a press day held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. “It’s like, yeah it’s disgusting; I wish that we could get away and get rid of it. But it’s what people want, it’s what makes money.”

A bit refreshing, no? A starlet who makes clear her annoyance with the omnipresent photogs, but doesn’t gripe endlessly about how much they’re ruining her life and how she never signed up for all this attention.

She gets it.

Jenny continued, “We can bash the paparazzi as much as we want, but they’re getting paid by the tabloids because the tabloids are making money because we are buying those magazines.”

So how is Jennifer handling the swarms of paps that accompany mega-huge franchise fame? ‘Cause, to be fair, it’s not like tabloids were desperate to dig through her garbage after her Oscar-nominated turn in Winter’s Bone.

“I haven’t actually had any swarms. I get the creepy ones that hide in the bushes outside my house that I don’t see,” Jennifer laughed while telling us. “I don’t know how I get to trade them. I’d much rather walk through a wall of people than to like…see horrible pictures of me show up that I had no idea were being taken.”

Psh, we haven’t seen any truly unflattering photos of the gal yet. But we’re sure Jennifer would rather hit the courts for a game of pickup basketball (not to mention get her PDA on) with BF and X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult in peace.

As for reading the gossipy stuff on her? She doesn’t! But more on that later.




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