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Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Make Nice on Ellen

Apparently, there are no hard feelings between Jennifer  Lopez and Marc  Anthony since last summer’s divorce announcement.

The once happy couple proved they’re still on amicable footing—both  personally and also as business partners—after taping an appearance together on The Ellen  DeGeneres Show yesterday, which will air on Monday.

So did J.Lo dish about her current beau, Caspar Smart?

The interview isn’t quite as revealing as her tweets about her new relationship. But the 42-year-old Lopez  did open up about twins Max and Emme and who  inherited what from which music superstar.

“Are they musical? Do they sing?” wondered Ellen.

“Yes, they love to sing and dance. Emme loves to dance. She loves to  perform,” Lopez said.

When the comedian asked if they’re any good, the singer-actress fessed  up.

“I’ll be honest. I think Emme has a bit of a voice, I do. I’m not sure but I  kind of hear it once in awhile. I’m not sure about Max as much but he has a big  personality,” she admitted. “He’s got my personality. Maybe Emme has Marc’s  voice. We traded.”

Later in the segment, Lopez is joined by her soon-to-be ex-hubby and Jamie King, the director-choreographer behind the new Cirque du  Soleil Michael  Jackson Immortal World Tour who’s working with her and Anthony on  their new Latin talent show, Q’Viva!, airing on Univision.

And if viewers think a little split is going to get in the way of the duo’s  on-air banter, think again.

“We laugh a lot,” said Jennifer, though not before Jamie chimed in with his  own thoughts on the dynamic between the two.

“I find myself in the middle refereeing sometimes. It’s fantastic,” he  quipped.

That prompted a quick retort from Marc: “Where’s the camera. Next  question.”

The quartet then joked about a clip DeGeneres showed from their new TV series  in which Jennifer smacks Marc in the head.

“That clip right there…yeah, [producers] put a sound effect in there for the  live broadcast,” she noted.

Said Anthony: “Trust me it hurt.”

Countered J.Lo: “It did not hurt.”

Someone get these two in the ring!






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