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Jennifer Lopez vs. Paula Abdul on “American Idol”

nameJennifer Lynn Lopez.Paula Julie Abdul.
hometownNew York, New York.Los Angeles, California.
birthdateJuly 24, 1969.June 19, 1962.
rootsPuerto Rican.Syrian and Canadian.
early startDanced as a “Fly Girl” on the TV show In Living Color.Danced as a “Laker Girl” for the Los Angeles Lakers.
pop star credentialsHas released six albums, including the platinum-selling On The 6, J. Lo, This Is Me… Then and Rebirth.Has released three albums, including the platinum-selling Forever Your Girl and Spellbound.
breakthrough singleIf You Had My Love.Straight Up.
pre-idol reputationCold-hearted diva.Has-been pop star.
years as American Idol judgeOne.Eight.
judging styleTries to keep criticism positive. Will be constructive when contestants make singing mistakes.Tried to keep criticism positive. Often complimented the appearance of contestants when they made singing mistakes.
memorable breakdownBroke down in tears after the elimination of 26-year-old Chris Medina, whose wife was left brain damaged after a car accident.Broke down in tears after the audition of 64-year-old Sherman Pore, whose wife died of cancer two days before his audition.
when she criesPeople think she’s human.People think she’s unstable.
usually clashes withRandy Jackson.Simon Cowell.
the criticsEntertainment Weekly: “Thanks to her judging stint on ‘American Idol,’ Lopez has reinvented herself as a media and audience darling after proving to be kind, attentive, and, yes, extremely shiny (The sequins! The eyeshadow!) on the Fox reality TV show.”Entertainment Weekly: “Say what you will about Paula, but on a gut level, she was like the crazy aunt who shows up every Thanksgiving and leaves you clenching your jaw wondering what off-the-wall, inappropriate thing she’s going to say next.”
controversy surrounding IdolAccused of ripping off a Kat DeLuna song in her hit single On The Floor.Rumored to be battling substance abuse problems.
in their own words“This is all new to me. I am used to having a script in a movie, or a big performance with a cane and a microphone and I have all kinds of stuff going on with my costumes… This is the first experience, on ‘Idol,’ where people are really getting to know who I am as a person.” – Jennifer Lopez.“I’m a fan of the show, and I always will be as long as they’re going out and finding that raw talent. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler — they’re seasoned veterans. They know what it takes to make it, so they’re gonna have a very refined eye. And I’m really happy Randy is at the helm because you need that familiarity. – Paula Abdul.
fans ask themselvesWhat will she wear next?What will she say next?





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