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Jersey Shore Signs On For Another Wild Season, Snooki Included

Yeah buddy! MTV has officially confirmed that there will be another season of Jersey Shore, pregnant Snooki included. This comes a huge surprise for everyone, especially after Snooki announced her pregnancy and engagement as well as Pauly D getting his own spin-off show.

But apparently, the gang cannot get enough of the shore and will begin taping the sixth season this summer. MTV is remaining tight-lipped on the new season and has poked at the fact that this season will explore new themes.

An MTV rep said,

“While things will definitely be a little different this time when they hit the boardwalk, their trademark hilarity an family dysfunction will remain the same.”

Surely one of the major plot themes will explore motherhood at the shore, I certainly can’t imagine Snooki grinding at a club with a baby in one arm and a tequila shot in another. Or maybe we’ll find out The Situation is Snooki’s real baby daddy! Last season definitely left us all questioning whether the hook-up between those two actually happened.

One guido who somehow finds a way to avoid all the Jersey drama, Pauly D, is more than excited to be coming back to the shore. He told MTV,

“I love it as a show, and I love it with my roommates. I wouldn’t do it without them, I gotta do it with them. I want all of them there and I want the Jersey Shore.”

The biggest question is- what in the world will they do with the smush room?! Vinny recently mentioned he would transform it into a baby room for Snooki, hopefully he does some heavy sanitizing beforehand.

With a series of spin-off shows, new endorsements and a baby on the way the new season of Jersey Shore will definitely be a must-watch!



by Astrid Rivera

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