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Jersey Shore Spin-Off “The Pauly D Project” To Debut March 29th

Think you know Pauly D from the Jersey Shore? Despite what you may have seen of the Rhode Island native on the MTV show, Paul Delvecchio is way more than just GTL and haircuts.

I bet you didn’t even know that he recently toured with Britney Spears or that he just signed a deal with 50 Cent‘s G-Note Records. Now thanks to the upcoming Jersey Shore spin-off “The Pauly D Project” you definitely will. Honestly, it’s about time we get a Jersey Shore spin-off and they couldn’t have picked a better house mate to focus on than Pauly.

The reality show plans to follow the DJ through his adventures in the chaotic music industry and his rise to fist-pumping stardom. Unfortunately Snooki and the rest of the gang will not be along for the ride but the show promises to introduce an original cast of crazy characters that help Pauly along the way. Among these is Pauly’s road manager, Michael “Biggie” Morgan and his personal bodyguard, Gerard “Big Jerry” Gialanella. MTV pokes at the fact that Pauly’s new boss, Mr. 50 Cent himself, might make a couple of appearances.

The DJ revealed his thoughts on the new show,

“It’ll probably be along the lines of, I used to be this DJ in Rhode Island DJing two sets a week, hustling, promoting. And all of a sudden, I’m on this show, and now they’re sending private jets for me to DJ for these huge crowds, yet i’m still the same guy that was DJing for 200 people, just loving life.”

Pauly D is just one of eight cast members who created a phenomenon that for the past five seasons has produced everything from Halloween costumes to novels (remember “A Shore Thing” by Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki?). There is no telling what Pauly D will have in store for fans when “The Pauly D Project” premieres, tune in at 10:30pm Thursday March 29th on MTV!



By Astrid Rivera

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