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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Talks Modern Family Salary Negotiations

When you’re a juggernaut comedy show with a large cast, negotiations for  salary can be very messy come season four. Now you’re seasoned; now you’re  successful. Now you know your worth.

Such is the story behind Modern Family‘s cast sticking together to all get more money per episode.  Thus far, most of the cast has kept quiet about the negations, but Jesse  Tyler Ferguson broke the silence to talk with us…

Even though Modern Family‘s salary dispute has been making the  rounds on the Internet for the past week, Ferguson insists that they’re trying  not to pay attention to all the hullabaloo. But he’s not exactly exchanging  late-night phone calls with the cast either to get updates on the  negotiations.

“We stopped shooting a few weeks ago, so I haven’t been around any of that  stuff,” he tells us. “I honestly haven’t even talked to anyone, this is all,  like, hearsay. This is all, like, things that are spinning. I know nothing about  it.”

What does he know? The people that are representing the cast of Modern  Family are on the case. “We all have really good lawyers who are hopefully  doing a great job,” he says.

Sounds pretty cut and dry, right? An ABC insider tells us otherwise, claiming  “the whole thing is a mess.” But not enough so that they’ll give up on their  star cast. The source explains that the network is “motivated” to keep the cast  happy.

Check out our full interview with Ferguson below, where he talks about Sofía Vergara hosting Saturday Night Live and his  hopes to one day marry his boyfriend.






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