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Jessica Alba Files $1 Million Lawsuit Over Baby Weight

There is no denying that Jessica Alba is in incredible shape. Especially when you consider that she just gave birth back in August. How was she able to lose weight so quick? We’re not 100% sure, but we do know one thing, it wasn’t from the Belly Bandit! Alba has decided to sue the company for $1 million after they falsely claimed that she used their product to slim down.

The Belly Bandit is actually an elastic belt that new moms wear which “supposedly” helps shed baby weight. The product is no stranger to celebrity endorsements, both Minnie Driver and Modern Family’s Julie Bowen have left testimonials on their site.

But according to Jessica’s lawyers, she most certainly DID NOT. The problem is, the site said she did and even used her name to help sell their products.

Now Alba is fighting back. Not only is she seeking that cool $1 mill, she also wants a piece of the company’s profits. We think Jess has got a pretty solid argument on her hands and we’re very curious to see how this case plays out.



By Michael Lopez



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