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John Travolta: I’m Flying My Family All Over the Globe

Most families buy plane tickets when they want to go on vacation. The Travoltas? They buy a new plane.

John Travolta recently purchased a Bombardier Challenger 601 jet that he and his family will use to travel around the globe, much to the delight of his wife and kids. 
“My family fortunately loves traveling,” the newly announced Bombardier brand ambassador told PEOPLE Tuesday. “Whenever I say, ‘I have to go to Australia or Paris,’ they say, ‘When are we going? I’m there.’ ”

But Travolta admits that his wife Kelly Preston and their daughter Ella consider the new purchase to be a “whole new era for us.”

The Challenger is the latest – and largest – in a line of aircrafts purchased by Travolta, who started taking lessons when he was just 15 years old. He had his license by 23.

“I love [flying] so much that I built my house next to a [runway] so I could fly my jet to my front door,” he told reporters.

And while the avid aviator’s baby boy Benjamin, 9 months, may be too young to earn his wings, Ella, 11, has already exhibited a fondness towards aircrafts.

“I was flying these little sports planes that I have and she showed interest in that,” Travolta says.

“I just love being in the air. It has been my family time. I’ve enjoyed that.”






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