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Johnny Depp Suits Up as a Vampire for Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp is doing his own take on a vampires – and a first look at him playing a bloodsucker has been released.

The versatile star – whose real life relationship with Vanessa Paradis is on the rocks – has teamed up with his frequent collaborator Tim Burton to take on the role of vampire Barnabus Collins in the upcoming film Dark Shadows.

The movie, which will be released May 11, is based on a gothic soap opera and also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Lee Miller. In it, Depp battles other supernatural creatures such as werewolves, ghosts and witches.

Depp’s take on the undead strays from the look of reigning vampire heartthrob Robert Pattinson. Instead of chiseled good looks and sparkling skin, Depp?s character is creepy with haunting dark circles around his eyes and claw-like fingernails filed to a point.


By Marla Lehner



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