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Jonas Brothers Official Twitter Account Disappears, Sparks Fan Speculation They’ve Split

Jonas Brothers Official Twitter Account Disappears, Sparks Fan Speculation They've Split


Is this the final nail in the band’s proverbial coffin? One week after canceling their 19-date North American tour, the Jonas Brothers took another telling step toward a formal breakup and deleted their group’s official Twitter account.

As of press time, fans looking to find updates on the trio’s status are greeted with an error message where their profile used to be. “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” a note on the micro-blogging site reads. “Thanks for noticing — we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

Each of the brothers’ individual accounts are still intact, but none of them has tweeted in at least a week. Joe Jonas‘ last message is a retweet from Oct. 8; neither Nick Jonas nor Kevin Jonas has tweeted since Oct. 1.

As previously reported, the group announced on Oct. 9 that they were canceling their fall tour, which was scheduled to kick off on Oct. 11 in Pennsylvania. “There is a deep rift within the band,” their spokesman told Us Weekly at the time. “There was a big disagreement over their music direction.”

One day earlier, the brothers did an interview with Minnesota radio station KDWB, where they seemed “a little tense,” the station reported. Asked about their previous hiatus — a three-year break between 2010 and 2012 — Joe said they needed time apart to pursue their own interests.

“We decided to take a break because…in this crazy world that looks a lot of fun, it’s also really kind of stressful and crazy at times,” he explained. “For us, we were like, let’s not implode and let’s just take some time off and really kind of refocus on what we want to do.”



By Allison Takeda



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