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Jorge Ramos Criticizes Pope John Paul II’s Beatification

We know what you’re thinking. After cheating on Tr3s fave Ana de la Reguera, how could Univision anchor Jorge Ramos have the right to criticize anyone, particularly Pope John Paul II?! Well beyond his personal life, Ramos still fashions himself a hard-hitting journalist and posted his thoughts on why the former Papa may not be ready for sainthood.

In an opinion piece that was circulated to various media outlets, Ramos offered some critiques of the former Pope’s beatification, which took place over the weekend. Since John Paul II’s passing in 2005, many in the church have pushed for his sainthood.

Ramos believes that John Paul II should not be beatified, pointing out that many of the Catholic church’s notorious sex abuse scandals happened under his watch. Of course it’s hard to blame the Pope for the actions of a few bad priests, but Jorge believes John Paul II should have been more vocal on the issue and done more to punish the offenders.

Lashing out at John Paul II, Ramos said,

“La Diócesis de Los Angeles ha pagado al menos 660 millones de dólares para cerrar 508 casos de abuso sexual de sus sacerdotes. ¿Nunca supo nada de esto Juan Pablo II? Solo por respeto a las miles de víctimas de abuso sexual, el actual papa Joseph Ratzinger y el Vaticano deberían haber detenido la beatificación de Juan Pablo II”.

The article gets even harsher than that and has already stirred up quite a bit of backlash from the Catholic community. Because, as we’ve seen with Lady Gaga’s latest publicity stunt, people take their religion VERY seriously.

What do you think about Jorge’s comments? Sound off in the comments or @MTV3.


By Michael Lopez



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