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Jorge Ramos Wants To Play A Role In Presidential Debates

Jorge Ramos Wants To Play A Role In Presidential Debates

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Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have publicly stated that Hispanics will play a big part in the November election. Yet when it comes time for them to debate, the Latino presence will be null and void. But Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos is hoping to change all that.

This week, Ramos extended a personal invitation to Obama and Romney for a Univision-sponsored debate. He went on to say that he was disappointed in the choice of moderators both candidates are using for the campaign.

“Univision expressed its disagreement with the way moderators were chosen for the presidential debates, as no Latino or African-American journalists will be participating,” Ramos said on his newscast. “Therefore, [we] invited President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney to participate in a forum to talk directly to Hispanic voters.”

But will the candidates respond? Jorge certainly hopes so and he’s taking his invitation to the social networks to help build traction. He recently encouraged all Tweeters to use the hashtag #DebateUnivision every time they post.



By Michael Lopez 

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