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Jose Canseco Banned From Mexican Baseball League For Doping

It’s definitely been a bumpy year for Jose Canseco. In the past 12 months, the MLB great has been accused of scamming fans, stalking ex-girlfriends, and all kinds of chisme activities. And this week his rep got tarnished again, with an expulsion from the Mexican Baseball Leagues for doping.

As expected, Jose is denying using any “enhancements” in the dugout. But League official Plinio Escalante isn’t buying it and says that Jose was indeed taking testosterone before games.

“How can I test positive when I never took any test?” Canseco Tweeted after hearing the allegations. “Don’t believe everything the media tells you. The truth always comes out, I am not using any illegal substances.”

We want to believe Jose, but his track record is spotty. The slugger even published a book called Juiced documenting his history of drugs and baseball. Perhaps Canseco should take this latest news as a sign to hang up the cleets and focus on his health.



By Michael Lopez


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