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Judge Sides With Pitbull Against Lohan’s Lawsuit

Judge Sides With Pitbull Against Lohan's Lawsuit 1


Lindsay Lohan tried her hardest to get money out of Pitbull by claiming that he used her name without her permission and made money off her stardom by mentioning her in a song.

Back in 2011, Lindsay sued Pitbull for mentioning her in his hit song, ‘Give Me Everything.’ Well, the courts weren’t having any of Lohan‘s whining. The judge decided Pitbull‘s song was a work of art protected by the first amendment and she couldn’t do anything about it.

The judge also added the fact that Pitbull barely mentions the actress, except for the “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” line. The judge also denied Lohan‘s allegations of suffering emotional distress and her case was dismissed.

Nice try, Lindsay. Stick to getting your cash from Charlie Sheen, with no strings attached. Dale.



by Ikam Acosta



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