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Justice League Box Office Predictions Are Expecting Over $100M In Its Opening Weekend


Tracking data for Justice League has finally appeared online and it’s currently pointing to the DC Comics adaptation opening in North America with around $110 million – $120 million. That’s a great start and puts the superhero ensemble ahead of Wonder Woman‘s $103.2 million debut. Thor: Ragnarok, meanwhile, is expected to eat into Justice League‘s opening weekend but could have a top heavy debut as tracking has now jumped up to a $125 million start. That right, Thor will beat the Justice League!

Well, maybe. Tracking tends to go up and down and if Justice League receives rave reviews, this figure could easily increase. Right now, Justice League has a 56% definite choice, 15% first choice and 26% unaided overall, which are very strong numbers. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the characters moviegoers are most excited to see and those reports about reshoots don’t seem to have hurt it at all.

Batman v Superman: Daw of Justice opened to $166 million last year but only went on to gross $330.3 million thanks to poor word of mouth. There’s no way Justice League is going that high but this is a solid start and one which bodes well for the franchise (bear in mind that plans for a sequel have been put on hold).


By Josh Wilding

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