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Justin Bieber Could Face Lawsuit After He Tweeted a Phone Number and His Fans Started Calling Random People

Justin Bieber could be facing a lawsuit for a tweet he posted to his 19 million Twitter followers. He apparently tweeted, “Call me right now” along with a phone number only excluding the last digit. Soon after, an elderly woman in Texas said her home number started ringing off the hook with messages from Bieber fans. Imagine hearing, “Justin, oh my god! Call me back, I love you!” over and over again.

The woman who has been receiving the calls isn’t half as excited as the people calling her. Dilcie Fleming says, “I think it’s pathetic … I’m not into that type of music.” Another Texas man says the same thing has been happening to him since the tweet. Now he and Fleming are considering taking legal action.

Studio B’s legal panel weighed in saying that anyone has the right to sue, but realistically the case probably would not hold up in court. Maybe a nice gesture from Justin himself is in order?



by Studio B



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