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Justin Bieber Gets Sick, Lives to Tweet About It

Justin Bieber Gets Sick, Lives to Tweet About It

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When we get sick, we hope for a nice friend to bring us some chicken soup, but when Justin Bieber gets sick? Well, he’s got over 27 million Twitter followers to make feel all better.

And that’s exactly what all those Beliebers did when their beloved boy took to Twitter and posted saying he was “sick and frustrated. #beingsicksucks.” He also tweeted a photo of himself looking a bit under the weather with the caption “Sick.”

Of course, all of Justin’s fans couldn’t bear that “Boyfriend” singer wasn’t feeling his best, so they sent him some TLC by posting “get well soon” messages for Justin and tweeting thoughtful words.

And (surprise!) the well-wishes worked because the Biebs started feeling all better:

“This is why I love u. When I’m sick u cheer me up thanks for the nice words,” he tweeted with a pic of a bunch of sweet notes from his fans. “I love my beliebers. Thanks for making me feel better.”

He also has the power to make us feel better, as he did with his taped appearance at a tea party with Sophia Grace & Rosie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

We’d detail the clip for you, but you simply must to see for yourself—the adorable girls sing “Baby,” Bieber blushes and overall, we’re killed with cuteness.

Oh, Bieber, you just keep getting better. Get well soon.

by Alyssa Toomey



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