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Justin Bieber Receives Death Threats In Peru

There’s a good chance that Justin Bieber’s feeling nervous about his upcoming concert in Peru. A group calling itself “Matar a Justin Bieber el 17 de Octubre en el Estadio Nacional” has threatened to kill the pop star if he steps foot inside the country’s National Stadium. And these aren’t just a few irked fans, “Matar” has its own Facebook page with more than 900 “Likes!”

Obviously the hardcore Bieber lovers are deeply troubled by the news. Many are urging him to cancel the concert and have even created a#BiebsStayOutOfPeru Twitter hashtag to help spread the word.

There is still no exact reason why the Peruvian group hates El Justin so much and “The Biebs” has yet to officially respond. But, as of right now, it looks like he will be going forward with the October 17th show.

And just because the Peruvian “Matar” group is bent out of shape doesn’t mean the rest of Latin America has followed suit. Bieber staged a massive concert in Mexico City over the weekend, where he belted out songs for over 60,000 screaming fans.



By Michael Lopez

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