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Justin Bieber To Release 2nd Bio Movie ‘Believe’

Justin Bieber To Release 2nd Bio Movie 'Believe' 2


Justin Bieber has released a new trailer for his upcoming bio-flick, Believe, and he’s asking you to do him a favor: forget everything you’ve heard in the media and hear Justin’s side of the story without judgement.

While we think peeing in a mop bucket is kinda unforgettable, we’re still willing to see what the kid has to say.

In the trailer, a series of clips from his tour play just before someone from Justin’s team warns him that he could be the next trainwreck — but Justin doesn’t want his fans to buy into all the hype. And even Usher, who’s considered Justin his protege all along, shows his support in the film.

“The trials of being a teenager, period, is tumultuous,” Usher says. “You can’t have a normal life if you’re a superstar.”

The trailer even features a clip from Justin’s famous encounter with the paparazzi when he got violent after they told him to “go back to America.” So will the movie finally fill us in on the truth behind what happened that day?

“I learned from that,” Justin promises. “When they really see it from my perspective, I’m a good person.”

And, most shocking of all? Justin even sheds a tear in one of the film’s more personal interviews. But whether or not it’s all an act or if he is actually still the adorable, grateful teenage boy we fell in love with in his first documentary, Never Say Never? We’ll have to see it to Believe it.

Believe hits theaters December 25.

by Nicole Pomarico



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