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Justin Bieber Way Stolen!

I guess you would expect these sort of things to happen to a town where the Mayor is an 11 year old girl! A soon as Mayor Caroline Gonzalez took office in her town of Forney, Texas – after winning a competition to be “Mayor For One Day” by raising money for orphans – the first thing on her list was to change Main Street name to Justin Bieber Way!

“I like his music and I like him,” Caroline said, “So I thought, why not have a street in my hometown named after my favorite singer?”

In less than 48 hours, Mayor Gonzalez‘ request was put into effect and Justin Bieber Way went up in Forney Texas, a town near Dallas. Another 48 hours later the sign was snatched, stolen and gone!

Mayor Gonzalez‘ father, Tony Gonzalez, said that  he had to break the news on their way to her orthodontist appointment. According to him, Mayor Carolinewas furious that her legacy had been tarnished. He said that he had never seen her so mad!

Darren Rozell, the actual Mayor of Forney said,

“We don’t know if it was a crazed fan who decided they had to have it or what.”

Although we don’t know the thief’s reasons, lets hope it was a love crime and not a hate crime!

City Officials have made a new replacement sign and are hoping that that it will last through today, the first day of school.



By Larry Yepez Jr.



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