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Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Music Video—Watch Now!

Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Music Video—Watch Now!

Who is this guy?!

We knew that we would witness Justin  Bieber mature in front of our eyes since he got into the game so young,  but it seriously happened so fast!

Fans got a taste of his “Boyfriend” music video during an episode of The  Voice a couple of weeks ago, but tonight, we got the whole shebang, and  just as we expected—Biebs is not a little boy anymore.

During Bieber’s sexy, whisper talk at the top of the song, we see a mixture  of silhouettes of his face and some crazy effects with water (super high-tech,  you guys). Once that falsetto hits (you know, the really high notes),  an army of women’s hands start caressing him (ahem, Selena Gomez, that’s all  you).

Add some beautiful (older) ladies and a dance party in a parking lot, and you  get the jist.

But don’t take our word for it, watch the video for yourselves and let us  know what you think in the comments!





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