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Justin Bieber’s Doc Calls for Surgery After Cliff Diving Incident

Justin Bieber's Doc Calls for Surgery After Cliff Diving Incident

Sometimes when your favorite celebs need take a bad fall, they’re the ones that break the news first. In this case, Justin Bieber let his followers know via twitter that he had an unfortunate accident Wednesday with the tweet:

Busted my ear drum cliff diving. Doc says might need surgery now. Sucks.

Bieber partook this popular British venue of fun which is called “tombstoning.” Called so because the jumper aims to enter the water upright  and straight, like a tombstone. If it sounds safe, you’d be fooled. Bieber’s recent injury is thankfully on the lighter side of this stunt diving as others injured leave months long or permanent injuries.

#FeelBetterJustin  took off quick as it trended worldwide with well wishes and get-well-soons from his fans for his surgery and injury. Beibs himself, is still upbeat about it all and is already back to work working as was eager to assure fans of his well-being:

Thankfully, his recovery seems to be a quick affair and he’ll be back to to his crazy stunts ways very soon.



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