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Kanye West Hits Occupy Wall Street Protests—Gets Mobbed


Kanye West didn’t bring a picket sign, but he was flashing a big gold grill on his bottom teeth.

The outspoken, be-blinged rapper was the latest celeb to join the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City yesterday, but wound up beating a hasty retreat after the crowds got a little rowdy at the sight of him.

So what went down when he popped up at Liberty Square?

The crowds, who have been pitching tents and sleeping in Zuccotti Park downtown, have now spread to Washington Square Park, where they are continuing the protests against everything from the Wall Street bailouts to general financial greed.

The demonstrators went crazy when they spotted Kanye, who came along with Russell Simmons, to show his support on day 24 of the protests. Simmons has been frequently spotted at the protests, at points even leading the crowds in anti-Wall Street chants.

“This morning I applaud @kanyewest for using his celebrity to help others. His appearance yesterday mattered #occupywallstreet,” Simmons tweeted about the duo’s outing.

He also explained how the twosome had to get the heck out of Dodge after Kanye was mobbed.

“It’s tough being @kanyewest people were climbing on him. It was a huge security risk but he just kept shaking hands #occupywallstreet,” Simmons wrote.

Kanye, meanwhile, hasn’t tweeted yet in support of the protesters, whose ranks have included Susan SarandonMichael MooreTalib Kweli and Penn Badgley.




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