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Kanye West Reportedly Troubled By Paranoia And Extreme Depression

Kanye West Reportedly Troubled By Paranoia And Extreme Depression

While Kanye West remains hospitalized more alleged details about his mental state are being revealed. West is purportedly suffering from paranoia and extreme depression, according to TMZ.

The site claims, West has long battled, with the aforementioned mental ailments, and initially believed people were out to get him — including his doctors.

It was Ye’s personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, who called 911 to have the rapper transported to a hospital because he was suffering from temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and dehydration.

Upon being hospitalized, West wouldn’t allow doctors to treat him, per TMZ. The 39-year-old father of two was taken to Cedars Sinai Hospital where he is expected to remain until Monday (Nov. 28).

In the meantime, West is receiving support from fellow artists like Chance the RapperDMX, and Lupe Fiasco, who sent a prayer out to his Yeezy during his show in Sacramento earlier in the week.

During the heartfelt speech, Fiasco shed light on the mental tole that performing “day in and day out” can take on an artist.

“When you not performing you thinking about performing,” he explained. “And when you not thinking about performing, you performing. When you not performing, you recovering from performing. When you not recovering from performing you gotta prepare yourself to perform again. That’s hard, and every night’s not gon’ be your best night, every night not gon’ be your worst night. Every night gon’ be like every other night, we gotta take it how it is and rock wit’ it.”

He continued, “And with that said, we wanna send prayers out to my big bro Kanye. He say a lot of goofy sh*t sometimes, but he from Chicago, so it don’t even f*cking matter, and I wish a n*gga would say somethin’, I’ll show you what this Chi-raq sh*t really all about,” he joked.

Getting more serious towards the end, Fiasco encouraged fans to be “patient” with West. “Go through history, look at the people that’s been in this business, gave their heart and soul to this business, the things that they lost, and things that they go through so just have patience,” he said. “Don’t let it turn into anger, don’t let it turn into cynicism, if you appreciate the work that the brother put in for you, and he supported you and helped you out from a distance with his music, just hold on to that moment. “



By Latifah Muhammad

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