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Kardhashian Sisters Firing Back At Lawsuit For Allegedly Failing To Promote Their Fashion Line

Kardhashian Sisters Firing Back At Lawsuit For Allegedly Failing To Promote Their Fashion Line

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian are ready to prove the power of K. The sisters, who star on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, are battling a lawsuit that involves millions of dollars, focused on their Kardashian Beauty line, according to Us Weekly.

The battle involving Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe began when Hillair Capital Management LLC sued them in March. The company alleged that the Kardashian sisters failed to keep their part of a contract to hype the Kardashian Beauty line.

In turn, the reality TV stars have filed a motion to compel arbitration. The Kardashian sisters contend that the company sought to profit not be investing in the beauty line but by flipping its assets.

Ex-bodyguard Steve Stanulis claims that Kim and Kanye fight and have separate lives while alleging that West is a “loose cannon,” according to In Touch Weekly.

“It’s unbelievable how disrespectful and self-absorbed this guy is. It’s crazy,” shared Stanulis.

Kanye is reported to have fired Steve after making the assumption that the bodyguard was flirting with Kim. Stanulis interacted with West throughout Fashion Week in February (a period lasting 10 days) as well as for the three days prior to the Met Gala.

“I’ve been with a lot of high-end people,” added the bodyguard, “but I’ve never worked with somebody like that in my whole life.”

As an example, Steve described a situation that occurred with two police officers during the release of West’s album.

“He had a studio full of people when he was dropping the album and I have two off-duty cops there working, talking quietly among the wildness when [Kanye] walks by them and goes, ‘Can you stop talking while I walk by you?’ And they were like, ‘What?’ This is the type of guy you’re dealing with.”

In addition, Stanulis alleges that Kanye has a volatile temper. He recalled an incident where West was on the phone, got angry, and behaved erratically.

“They were fighting [on the phone] and forgot he sent his car out for food. When he buzzed for his car, his car wasn’t there so he flipped out, had a hissy fit and started walking on the West Side Highway!” claimed Steve.

In addition to those issues, Hollywood Life cites a source who claims that Kanye and Kim “can’t stop bickering in private.”

As a result, that insider says that Kardashian has had all she can handle.

“Kim has reached her breaking point,” claims the source.

Kardashian and West even have allegedly fought over redesigning their mansion, with the insider describing the battles as “epic because they can’t agree on anything.”


By Joanne Eglesh

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