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Katy Perry Caught Lip-Syncing At NRJ Music Awards

Katy Perry Caught Lip-Syncing At NRJ Music Awards 1

Katty Perry NJR Awards

The singer’s rendition of her hit single ‘Roar’ lacked an important element of any faked performance – she wasn’t synced with the music.

The popstar was clearly uncomfortable on stage at the  in Cannes on Saturday when her lip-syncing appeared off kilter, Celebitchy.com reported.

And then came the most cringeworthy moment – the host of the show walks on stage to cut the music, but before he does Perry puts down her microphone, conceding defeat as her pre-recorded singing continues in the background.

“Bonsoir, Katy Perry,” the uncomfortable host says to Perry after kissing her on the hand.

“If you don’t mind we can restart, what do you think?” he says to the singer, who holds back any embarrassment before proceeding with a second attempt.

Then, as she tries to perform simple choreography when she is surrounded by a troupe of dancers, her singing drops in and out as if from exhaustion.

It’s another blow for the US songstress who was also bagged for “patchy vocals” during her hyped performance on the X Factor live finale at London’s Wembley Arena.






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