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Kenan Thompson’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Kenan Thompson’s Wife Gives Birth To Baby Girl

Kenan Thompson has taken on a lot of roles as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. But his most exciting role yet is still to come — dad! The comedian, 35, and his wife, Christina Evangeline, are expecting their first child together, he revealed during a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

“I’m about to be a daddy!” Thompson announced happily. “That’s right! Papa Kenan.”

Asked if he’s ready for fatherhood, the SNL funnyman replied, “I am terrified. I don’t know what to do with babies. Like, what do you feed it and, like, put it away or something?”

“I plan to be, like, at the casino when she’s giving birth,” he quipped of his wife, whom he married in 2011. “Kind of old school, a little bit. That’s what’s freaking me out the most. Because a guy’s doctor visit is kinda, you know, straightforward — just a little cough, a little touch here, a little ear, nose, and throat. But women, that’s an intricate type situation.”

“You go through a lot,” he told the women in the audience, who cheered in agreement. “I applaud you. It’s weird to see somebody treat your lady like that.”




By Allison Takeda



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