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Kendra Wilkinson: Hank Wants Another Baby – But I’m Not Ready

A year ago, Kendra Wilkinson said she and hubby Hank Baskett were “definitely” planning to get pregnant again within the next twelve months.

Now the Kendra star, 26, is rethinking things a bit, telling PEOPLE instead that she’s decided to “hold off for a little bit longer.” 
But even though Wilkinson isn’t in baby-making mode now, Baskett, 29, is ready for the happily married couple’s son, Hank Baskett, Jr., 2½, to have a little playmate.

“Hank actually talks about having another baby a lot more than I even think about having another baby,” the formerGirls Next Door star tells PEOPLE. “I don’t know when that’s coming. Whenever I feel it’s time, then it’s time.”

Still, that “time” doesn’t sound like tomorrow.

“I think we’ll hold off for a bit,” Wilkinson, whose reality show begins its fourth season Sunday on E! (11 p.m. ET), says. “We’re very happy, and when the second baby comes, we’ll be more planned.”

When that time does come, Wilkinson isn’t going to let the hardships she overcame after her first pregnancy – post-partum depression and poor body image – affect her outlook.

“I will take what happened and learn from it,” she says about those obstacles, which she details in her new bookBeing Kendra. “The difference will be that we have a home now. Before, we were bouncing around the United States, so it was really difficult to feel at home and to feel rested and everything. I think the second time around will be much better.”

“I got through the hard times, and Hank and I have really grown from this,” she says. “Baby Hank has very happy parents right now because we have great balance in our lives. We love family. Our number one priority is family.”

Continues Wilkinson: “If everything fails and we have our family, then we have our family.”






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