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Kevin Bacon ‘Furious’ over Having a Dance Double in Footloose

Kevin Bacon is not the kind of guy to look back at his past work. But
 when the studio unearthed his audition tape from 1984’s original Footloose, he couldn’t help himself. 

“It was like a weird time-travel, out-of-body type thing,” Bacon, 53, told 
PEOPLE. “It’s like if you went and saw the interview you did
 for your first job. Wow. I literally turned the thing off, went into the 
bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and went, ‘Jesus, is that even the 
same guy?’ ”

So was he impressed with himself?

“Honestly, I was,” says Bacon, who at the time he shot the movie was a relatively unknown
 off-Broadway actor, despite roles in Animal HouseFriday the 13thand Diner. “The energy, the hunger, the determination … it was cockiness really. I oozed

Double Vision

While Bacon is justifiably proud of himself and the film – which went on to
 earn more than 10 times its reported $8 million budget – he does have a few regrets. 
For one, while he says he did a majority of his own dancing, he wished he 
had been able to do some of the flips and complicated dance moves in the 
movie’s famous warehouse scene.

“Are you kidding? I was furious,” Bacon says with a smile. “It’s like a starting 
pitcher getting taken out of a game – no one wants to be told they can’t get
 the guy out.”

On the day of the movie’s famous warehouse shoot, “I had a stunt double, a
 dance double and two gymnastics doubles,” recalls Bacon. “There were five of
 us in the f—ing outfit, and I felt horrible.”

One thing that Bacon was unwilling to do was stay quiet about his dance 

“When the movie came out, the studio told me to never mention that they used 
a double,” he says. “While I was in no position to do this, I told them, ”You are out 
of your f—ing mind!’ ”






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