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Kylie Jenner Gets attacked By Concert Fan

Kylie Jenner Gets attacked By Concert Fan 1

Kylie Jenner was attacked on a date with her boyfriend Tyga. But although a fan yanked Kylie’s tresses painfully, it’s the color of Jenner’s hair that is getting all the buzz rather than the actual attack.

Exiting a concert featuring Chris Brown, Kylie suddenly felt a fan grabbing her green hair. After an intervention from security, Jenner was able to continue without further painful damage to those tresses, reported TMZ.

The concert, which at one point also included Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga, occurred in Anaheim, California. Although the yanking of Jenner’s hair was painful, Kylie seemed to enjoy the evening except for the attack.

After appearing on the stage with Brown, Tyga returned to Kylie, and they were seen with their hands grasped tightly outside the California concert, reported the New York Daily News.

When the fan pulled at Jenner’s green tresses, her head seemed to be yanked backwards painfully. A security guard immediately responded to the attack to take Kylie to safety.

But was it that bright green hair that incited the fanatic follower to pull Kylie’s hair, which is the possibility posed by the Stir.

Kylie just finished transforming her hair to what’s described as a “mint green,” and it was those colorfully chic locks that got jerked by the fanatic fan. At the wise age of 18, Jenner has become so known for her hair that it’s become a star on its own. One solution: Wear a hat, which of course then poses the issue of whether Kylie’s hats will become a separate celebrity entity, as well.

However, Jenner appeared to have responded to the attack by returning to her darker hair roots, reported the Daily Mail.

Kylie was wearing a baseball hat, as well as having dark hair, after Jenner was attacked.

No word on whether she is contemplating to create a cap trend in the future.

And for those closely following Kylie’s hair, Jenner most recently did wear wigs for awhile, according to Teen Vogue.

However, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had been sporting those wigs so she could bleach her hair. Kylie then flaunted her platinum blonde tresses for awhile. But Jenner apparently got bored with that, which prompted the dramatic shift to what’s been described variously as mint green, shamrock green, and lime green.




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