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Lady Gaga Backstage: F-Bombs Galore! (And Don’t Get Her Started on Britney Spears)

When Lady Gaga transforms into her male alter ego, Jo Calderone, she means serious business. She never broke from character at last night’s VMAs—even backstage!

Jo put on quite the show in the pressroom. His behavior was just as bawdy as it was on stage. Even before getting his pic taken and taking some questions, he walked into the converted hotel ballroom and put his cigarette out on the carpet.

His cussed-filled answers for the press were highlighted by NSFW remarks about—who else?—Britney Spears

“Well, maybe if she wants to, you know what I’m saying,” Jo said when asked if he wanted to hook up with the pop princess. “She is f–king hot. Britney’s f–king hot. I don’t know. Gaga is my girl, but Britney’s f–king hot—she’s f–king Britney Spears! Didn’t you jerk off to Britney when you were a kid?”

TMI, Mr. Calderone!

So who the heck is Jo?

“I am from Jersey,” he said. “My family is from Palermo, Sicily. I’m not a singer or a model or an actor or anything. I’m just a guy.”

But don’t call him a “guido.” He wasn’t happy when a photographer did just that.

“I’m not a f–king guido!” Jo snarled. “What? You don’t like Italians? What the f–k is the matter with you? I am just a guy, you know. I just wanted to show my girl how much I love her. That’s all.”

Jo said Gaga asked him to represent her at the VMAs.

Gaga tweeted this morning, “To win 2VMAs, Best Video with a Message + Best Female Video for Born This Way means the world. I have never believed in a work so much.”

At least we think it was Gaga tweeting.

Now we want to hear from you. What do you think of Jo Calderone? Sound off below.




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