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Lana Del Rey Shares ‘Ultraviolence’ Artwork On Twitter

Lana Del Rey Shares ‘Ultraviolence’ Artwork On Twitter

Lana Del Rey is ready to share a little of the old ultraviolence with the world.

The “West Coast” singer is dangerously close to tossing her new album into the laps of her adoring fans. Although her label hasn’t officially confirmed anything about the artwork you see nestled below, many Lana Del Rey supporters seem to think this is the official Ultraviolence artwork.

According to Billboard, Lana Del Rey shared the image with her followers on Twitter last Friday. Since the pic arrived without a caption, it’s unclear if this is the artwork featured on the front of her next album. Until someone tells us otherwise, we’ll just assume this is official.

Check out the singer’s latest contribution to social media below.

But wait — that’s not all! The folks at Stereogum point out that the singer recently coughed up the official tracklist for Ultraviolence. The website remarked that the titles sound like Tumblr buzzwords, though we’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. “Cruel World”
2. “Ultraviolence”
3. “Shades Of Cool”
4. “Brooklyn Baby”
5. “West Coast”
6. “Sad Girl”
7. “Pretty When You Cry”
8. “Money Power Glory”
9. “F***ed My Way Up To The Top”
10. “Old Money”
11. “The Other Woman”
12. “Black Beauty”
13. “Guns And Roses”
14. “Florida Kilos”

The Black Keys’ vocalist Dan Auerbach, a man who once said some pretty nasty things about the singer, helped produce Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence. Judging from the comments made during his recent interview with BBC News, Auerbach has since changed his mind about the songstress.

“She’s an amazing musician, and she wrote some great songs and came to the studio in Nashville. We planned to record for three days and after the second day we extended it, and it became two weeks. I filled the studio with musicians I knew and we finished an album,” he explained.