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Lana Parrilla Opens Up About Being An ‘Evil Queen’

Expect to hear the name Lana Parrilla quite a bit in the coming weeks. The half Puerto Rican actress scored some very solid ratings with her new series, Once Upon A Time. Known for her work in Boomtown and 24Parrilla’s built a reputation for playing grounded, salt-of-the-earth type characters. Though this time out, she’s nabbed the enchanted role of an Evil Queen.

“The Queen – yes, she is evil,” Lana told Latina. “But there’s a pain that exists inside of her and that’s why she does the things that she does. She is extremely wounded.”

Of course, it’s those kinds of nuances that make a character so much fun to play. And for Once Upon A TimeParrilla gets to have twice as many complexities. In the series, her character also has a villainous human counterpart named Regina.

Regina – she’s a trip!” Lana went on to say. “I can’t think of her as being so evil. I can think of her as doing evil acts – but it comes from a place of fear.”

Probably the most interesting thing about Once is that bounces between the real world and a magical fairy tale land. And seeing how it’s being overseen by the writers of Lost, you know it’ll have some interesting twists down the road. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even bring Jorge Garcia back into the mix with a role asHumpty Dumpty.



By Michael Lopez



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