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Latest End Of The World Predictions: Doomsday on May 21

Have you finished up your bucket list yet? If what Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping says is true, you better wrap it up within the next hours! His May 21, 2011doomsday prediction is just one of many that are causing a stir among die-hard apocalypse fanatics.

Camping is obviously pretty serious about his beliefs. For the past several months, he has bought up billboard space across California touting the May 21 Armageddon date.

“It’s going to be a wonderful, wonderful day,” the talk DJ told a San Francisco Chronicle reporter.

But before you start saying goodbye to your loved ones, take note. This is not the first time Harold has predicted the end of days and we’re betting it won’t be the last. He originally proclaimed mankind would cease in 1994, but thankfully 17 years later we’re all still here.

And as a broadcaster, you’ve got to wonder if his little declaration may be more about attracting listeners than finding doomsday dates buried in the Bible. Heck it got us writing about him, right?

But here’s the bad news. Even if we survive May 21, there are plenty of more destructive prophecies right around the corner. December 12, 2012 happens to be one that’s on a lot of Latinos’ minds. Based on the predictions of Central America’s ancient Mayan calendar, it was singled out as an Armageddon date over five centuries ago.

The 2012 theory stems from the Mayan time period called b’ak’tun, a span of approximately 5,125 years that began before the birth of Christ and ends right in the middle of next year’s holiday season (bummer, right?). But don’t let that horrible John Cusack movie scare you. The Mayan doomsday may too be a myth.

For one thing, several scientists have calculated that the Mayan grand finale datewill not fall on 12-12-12 and in fact, may have already passed. Other professors who have studied the culture believe that the supposed “end date” will only lead to the start of a new cycle.

“There will be another cycle,” Tulane professor E. Wyllys Andrews proclaimed. “We know the Maya thought there was one before this, and that implies they were comfortable with the idea of another one after this.”

Historical prophecies aside, what seems to have jolted most people into believing those “end of the world” theories are the recent catastrophic events that have been happening around the world. The massive earthquakes, the destructive tsunamis, even strange animal deaths have led to possible plague speculations.

But before you invest in canned foods and bomb shelters, know this: The Earth has undergone countless natural disasters throughout its 4.5 billion years. It has survived an Ice Age, it has survived meteor storms, and we get the feeling it will survive the wild ramblings of a few raving talk shows hosts.



By Michael Lopez



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