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Latina Author & Hire Women Founder Launches Mindset Mami Workbook + Journal to Help Women Move Past Limiting Beliefs & Level Up

Mami Workbook + Journal (2)

Author, Publisher, and Hire Women founder Jocelyn de Leon has launched two new products with the purpose of helping women shift their mindsets, move past limiting beliefs, and level up. The Mindset Mami Workbook + Journal focuses on cultivating a growth mindset, including becoming aware of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, self-image, money blocks and so much more. With over 120 pages, the workbook contains over 40 journaling prompts, affirmations, and excerpts.

“The Mindset Mami Workbook is about becoming the owner of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and anything else you can control. This is my way of sharing some of the information I’ve acquired in hopes that it sparks the “aha” moment that you may have been needing. I share some of the most life-changing tools that have helped me get out of survival mode + into a place of calmness and unwavering faith, even in the most difficult moments. It’s helped me tap into my power + realize how capable I am (and YOU ARE TOO) of achieving all the goals on your vision board,” shares Jocelyn.

In addition, Jocelyn created the Dueña Daily Planner + Mindset Check-In to assist busy women in not only accomplishing daily tasks, but to also check-in with themselves and make sure their mindsets are remaining aligned with their goals and higher selves.

Both books are now available to purchase on Sol y Luna Publishing’s website, along with the bilingual children’s book “The Magic of ‘I Am’ / La Magia de ‘Yo Soy'” which was released earlier this year aimed at nurturing the power of positive words and affirmations in our children. It is recommend for all ages, but specifically for ages 0 to 7 years old. Dive into this bilingual affirmations book with your little one and enjoy the beautiful illustrations inspired by some notable Los Angeles landmarks.

Mindset Mami Workbook Product Description:
The Mindset Mami Workbook + Journal focuses on cultivating a growth mindset, including becoming aware of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, self-image, money blocks & so much more.

The Mindset Mami Workbook + Journal is for you if:
·         You’re done giving away your power to other people + situations
·         You feel stuck or unsure of how to move forward
·         You know you have all the answers within, but you need a little loving guidance
·         You’re ready to dive in + really get to know yourself on a subconscious level
·         You’re ready to change + put in the work!
·         You want to reprogram old beliefs that no longer serve you — especially when it comes to money
·         You’re ready to let go of old stories of yourself + what you’re capable of

Workbook Specs:
·         6 x 9
·         122 pages
·         40+ prompts, affirmations pages, excerpts + journaling pages
·         Product link: https://solylunapublishing.com/products/mindset-mami-workbook-journal

Duena Daily Planner + Mindset Check-In Product Description:
The Dueña Daily Planner + Mindset Check-In is just what you need to make sure you stay on top of your daily tasks + most importantly, it gives you a chance to check in with yourself at the start of your day + at the end of the day!

Also included is our favorite affirmations + daily reminders (these are the ones I use daily!)

·         40 day Daily Planner, Check-In + Notes section
·         Affirmations + reminders
·         5.5 x 8.5
·         165 pages
·         Undated Planner
·         Product link: https://solylunapublishing.com/products/duena-daily-planner-mindset-check-in

The Magic of “I Am” ~ La Magia de “Yo Soy” Product Description:
The Magic of “I Am” was created in hopes of nurturing the power of positive words in our children. This book is recommended for all ages, but specifically for ages 0-7 years old.

Dive into this bilingual affirmations book with your little one and enjoy the beautiful illustrations inspired by a few of my favorite places in Los Angeles! Illustrations by Zaida Diaz.

“After experiencing my own journey of unlearning and reprogramming better beliefs, I always wished I knew the power of positive affirmations sooner — so I decided to write a book of affirmations. It was important to me that it was bilingual because I feel a strong connection to my Mexican and Salvadoran roots through language, and that it showcased the city of Los Angeles which is largely bicultural and bilingual. Additionally, early age is a great time to introduce or nurture a different language. My intention for this book is to help instill the power of positive words and the magic behind “I Am” statements in our children. Words are magical,” explains the book’s author Jocelyn de Leon.

Sol y Luna Publishing was founded in 2020, with the purpose of creating books that inspire us to be more intentional with the words we speak because, after all — words are MAGICAL! www.solylunapublishing.com


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