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Latino Community Goes Front & Center For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Latino Community Goes Front & Center For Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1

0212127 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Though people mostly tend to associate October with Halloween, the next 30 days hold some additional significance. Specifically because they represent Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a time to educate people about early detection. And interestingly enough, the Latino community is getting some extra special attention for 2012.

Believe it or not, cancer is the leading cause of death among Hispanics, overtaking even heart disease. And for Latinas, breast cancer is the number one killer. Why? Because often times it goes unchecked due to infrequent mammograms and doctor visits (specifically within the immigrant community).

A new study by the American Cancer Society claims that more than 33,000 Hispanics will die of cancer this year and over 100,000 more will be diagnosed. Granted they won’t all be breast-related, but learning simple detection methods is essential and this month, dozens of programs are being launched to help lower those numbers.

One famous Latina who knows the breast cancer struggle very well is Tr3s fave Adamari Lopez. She successfully battled the disease seven years ago and is now living a happy and healthy life. Adamari is also putting herself on the front lines this month, with a charitable new Yoplait campaign.

Titled “Save Lids To Save Lives,” the yogurt initiative will specifically target the Hispanic community and tour across eight U.S. cities to help spread the word about early detection. Lopez will be there every step of the way, greeting fans and sharing her experiences with the disease.

“I’m delighted to team up with Yoplait to help Latina women understand the importance of their breast health and inspire others to join the fight against the disease,” she recently said. “My successful struggle with breast cancer is a testament to the fact that early detection can and does save lives, and that we are all in this together.”

And if you happen to live near a big city, there’s a good chance you could see Adamari in person during the Yoplait tour. Be sure to check out their bilingual “Save Lids” site to find out where they’ll be heading next.



by Michael Lopez



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