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Leonardo DiCaprio Called To Testify In $15M Defamation Lawsuit For Wolf Of Wall Street Performance

Leonardo DiCaprio Called To Testify In $15M Defamation Lawsuit For Wolf Of Wall Street Performance 3

“The Wolf of Wall Street” came out in 2013 and earned Leonardo DiCaprio more support from the fans and critics in his seemingly endless struggle to win an Oscar.

While that is in the past, the lawsuit filed against him and his production company (and director Martin Scorsese and Paramount Pictures) is still very much around. And it looks like Leo can’t escape it no matter what he does.

Former business partner wants a piece of Leo in court

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is the scandalous story of Jordan Belfort, the broker who managed to make millions before being caught and sent to prison. Belfort never fully approved of the movie because of how he was portrayed in it, and his ex-business partner Andrew Greene found it objectionable too.

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In fact, Greene sued everyone involved in the film for $25 million (€22.3 million), saying that it ruined his career by destroying his reputation. He’s been trying to get DiCaprio on the stand ever since, but the actor keeps dodging it by citing his busy schedule.

TMZ is now saying that Greene is making one final effort to get Leo’s deposition. He’s not shooting any more right now because he’s in between projects and being photographed partying around the world, so he can surely find the time for the depo.

“[Greene] says he’ll fly to L.A. to meet with Leo if that’s what the actor needs,” the celebrity publication reports. “According to the letter, the studio’s lawyers claim Leo’s got a busy schedule and instead they’ve offered another witness – an executive from the actor’s production company.”

“Andrew’s lawyers say that won’t cut it, saying they’ve already deposed Scorsese, and the movie’s screenwriter, Terence Winter. Now they want Leo,” the report adds.

As the film’s producer, DiCaprio had a big say in the creative take on the story. Even if anyone with a brain knows that movies are dramatizations, the fact that it came with the stamp “based on real events on it” makes Green think he has a case.

DiCaprio is shopping for the next project

While all this drama is playing out in LA, DiCaprio is having a well-deserved break. He’s finally won his Oscar and his slate is clean right now (he has no movie listed to his name after “The Revenant”), but there’s talk that he’s already looking for his next project.

DiCaprio doesn’t do several movies a year like other actors, because he’s in a position in which he can pick and choose which projects to make and with what people to work. That also allows him to take his sweet time in deciding, so it looks like fans will have to wait a while longer until he settles on something.



By Elena Gorgan

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