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Leslie Carter Suffered Apparent Overdose

Aaron Carter‘s sister, Leslie Carter, apparently died as a result of an overdose of prescription medication. Officials say the 25 year old had been diagnosed with depression, and they had found medication for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and muscle relaxers near her body.

Ginger Carter, Leslie‘s stepmother, was home with Leslie when she died on Tuesday in New York. She described how Leslie had confessed she was “not feeling great” that morning over coffee. Leslie then went into the bathroom. After a while, Ginger was concerned and checked up on her, only to find Leslie had fallen in the shower.

Ginger helped Leslie into bed, and eventually Leslie fell asleep. Ginger thought everything was okay, since Leslie “had all the color to her skin and was breathing.” When Leslie‘s father came home, he found her unresponsive. He attempted CPR and called 911. She was pronounced dead later on at the hospital.

Ginger reportedly told authorities that Leslie had “a long history of mental illness” and seemed depressed before her death. Leslie was an aspiring singer and leaves her 10 month old baby behind.

Ginger was so distressed with Leslie‘s overdose, she took a bit too much medication herself. Authorities who interviewed the stepmother noticed she appeared to be under the influence and exhibited “slurred speech, pin-point pupils, glassy eyes and kept falling asleep.” Ginger had apparently taken six pills, including Xanax, and the officer was concerned she might also suffer an overdose.

Officials are waiting on a toxicology report for Leslie Carter, and no information was given on whether Ginger received any medical attention after the incident.



By Ikam Acosta



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